Reading the privacy policies of some other companies can mean a commitment of time and mental energy that seems out of proportion with the basic information you are trying to determine. As a parent you want to know, when my child uses this company’s apps:

 • Is my child protected from the collection of personal data?

 • Is my child restricted from accessing information or sites that I don’t want them to access?

 • Is my child restricted from making purchases?


As parents ourselves we recognize the importance of privacy and security related concerns and want to present the answers to these questions briefly and clearly, so here goes.

At Graymedia we hold your privacy and the privacy of your children in the highest regard.  We comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

 • Our apps do not auto-collect any user data or personal information.

 • Our apps include a parent gate for gaining access to the iTunes AppStore, Graymedia website, app feedback links, and social media links

 • Our apps do not include in-app purchases or 3rd party ads. We sometimes include ads for our own products but access to download is restricted via a parent gate.

 • Through a parent gate we may ask for your email address and, if you provide it, we will use it only to provide you information about our products, company, and promotional material. We promise not to share any information that you provide.


Updates to this policy

From time to time, we may revise our Privacy and Security Policy to reflect changes as our app offerings evolve. Whenever that happens we will update this statement so check back periodically at to ensure you are familiar with our current policies and practices. To make it easy we’ll always include an Effective Date stamp at the top of the page. If we make any material revisions to this Privacy and Security Policy, we will post a notice on the Graymedia website.


Do you have questions or concerns about this Privacy and Security Policy? Email us at