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The Adventures of Puppup: Lost at the Zoo!

PITY THE CHILD who doesn’t have a magical stuffed friend. Puppup was Julia’s constant companion through her childhood. Stuffed animals were her toy-of-choice, and she had many.  But Puppup was that one, special friend.  He was her playmate, her muse and her partner in crime. He was part of the family, another child.  Each night Mom and Dad tucked them in. Prior to each family outing or special occasion Julia helped Puppup decide what to wear, and on each vacation he accompanied the family on trips far and near, active and relaxing. Julia is all grown up now, and Puppup lies contentedly, semi-retired, on her shelf. Time to share the story of a child’s love for a magical toy! With his puppy-love face, humble demeanor, and ability to make friends, there is a good chance that Puppup will be the next big thing. Welcome to The Adventure of Puppup: Lost at the Zoo!


•  35 pages of fun.

• Characters brought to life via British narrator, Alex Warner.

• Navigation choices include: read sequentially or jump to the page you want.

• Interactive animation on nearly every page, including bobbing. heads, sledding crashes, jumping fish, swim-bys, dirt baths, monkey-dancing, waterskiing, bouncing, zebra-riding, free falling.

• Pages turn by swiping.

Graymedia presents The Adventures of Puppup: Lost at the Zoo a beautifully illustrated interactive children’s picture book app. The Adventures of Puppup: Lost at the Zoo chronicles a day full of fantastical circumstances as various zoo animals aid Puppup on his quest to find his people after he becomes lost at the zoo. Through his antics Puppup introduces children to 16 different animals, each with a distinct personality. This whimsical story of adventure and friendship will draw in readers and listeners, young and old alike. With interactive animation on every page, enhancing the story without distracting from the flow, beautiful, realistic illustrations that draw readers in, The Adventures of Puppup: Lost at the Zoo follows in the tradition of all great picture books.  Opening a window to the world, picture books introduce children to literature and instill a love of reading, planting the seeds for literate adults.


"Editor's Favorite" by

"This beautiful app answers that age-old question, do our toy animals have adventures while we’re not looking? The answer is a definite yes. Follow Puppup on his adventures at the zoo with this gorgeous app...This app tells a great story that will have you on the edge of your seat..." -

Top Ten popular Kids Educational Apps on AppyMall: “The excellent animations help draw the reader in…a great interactive book for any child to use his/her creative thinking skills... I also like the importance of friendship within this story as the animals all work together to help Puppup.”

"…a wonderful tale!….a work for art!….top quality and polished…..The perfect teacher tool…A Must Have Family App!" - Mary,

"I feel that it is a great way to introduce children to all sorts of animals and how they look.  My 2-year old son especially enjoyed reading the story and pointing to all of the animals as I named them... I hope to see more adventures with PupPup  in the near future! "-

"A really cute storybook #app for toddlers and preschoolers with stunning artwork...  The story gives life to an adventure most children can easily imagine for their own stuffed animals." -

"One of the most appeal­ing and orig­i­nal sto­ry­books for chil­dren...”

”We loved the beautiful illustrations and the variety of zoo animals. My son enjoyed exploring the pages to find the different animals ... a timeless book ….” -

"A great adventure story... The illustrations are lush and
colourful... upbeat music, and very good voice acting to
enhance the overall experience… animation and sound
effects that children will definitely find amusing.”

"Perfect for asking questions, thinking through the
details, practicing a variety of comprehension
skills." -